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How do Stronghold quests work?

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Got a message on the Skulls for Mother quest. Returned to the Stronghold and and assigned Aloth to. When I did it it said two hours before it expires and something about two turns.


I don't really understand how this works. Am I doing something wrong? How do I know if I actually did the quest or not?

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The two hours was how long before the quest was simply removed if you didn't assign anyone to it.  The two turns is how long it will take the assigned companion to complete the quest.


As near as I can tell, one turn lasts as long as it takes for you to advance any of your quests.  So complete one stage in a quest and you'll move into the next "turn".


It's the one aspect of the Stronghold I have never liked, personally, but I can see why they didn't just tie quest completion to the world clock; if they did then you could power-level your companions just by constantly resting and let them steamroll through content that's now too weak to challenge them.

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Yeah, you'll get an update about in the top-left and a green number on the Stronghold icon at the bottom of the screen, same as any other Stronghold-related updates.


EDIT: The rewards (both cash and an item) will be deposited into the Treasury chest (the one in that little supply room just near the throne, directly across the main hall from the hallway that you went down when looking for Maerwald).

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