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Bug: Failing Rimeskull Constitution check bypasses explore phase.



Rimeskull on Legendary, playing solo Seelah. At the beginning of each turn, you're required to make a Constitution 10 check or discard a card. If you fail, not only do you have to discard a card, but your explore phase then gets skipped, so your entire turn is wasted., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.

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I'm unable to get a repro on this. Anyway you can provide some more information? What wildcards were active?

Also shoot me your PFID and if you still have the save I can take a look!

Okay, I've investigated further to get more info on what triggers it. Open up the story from the main menu and start the mission. Try to pass the constitution check with the assistance of Inspired Grace. If you pass, do the same thing next time. The first time you fail, you're now stuck with bypassing the explore phase. I've now reproduced this with three different wildcard combos--and I can only do it if I've first tried to use Inspired Grace.


I've left my current game with Seelah in a stuck state, PFID-B67DFA8A7EC2D312. The two previous wildcard combos were Close Quarters/Painful Memories and Close Quarters/Full Packs.


(Edit: I mistakenly wrote Crusade instead of Inspired Grace.)

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