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Staff of Hungry Shadows on 2-Part Checks



Scenario: 6-4 Assault on the Pinnacle (normal).

Party: Ezren, Harsk, Valeros, Lem.

Game state: Throne Room, Thassilonian Dungeon, Leng Device closed. Harsk at Runewell, Lem at Prison, Ezren and Valeros at Mountain Peak. Valeros's turn, about to encounter Most High Ceoptra (found earlier by Harsk).

The turn: Valeros draws Most High Ceoptra. Lem and Harsk successfully temporarily close their locations. Valeros hands the first combat check off to Ezren. Ezren attempts to play Disintegrate. Attempts and succeeds on Arcane 15 check to play spells. Reveals Staff of Hungry Shadows and discards Haste...

Expected behaviour: add 1d8+2 to Ezren's arcane combat check, as per Staff of Hungry Shadow's first ability.

Actual behaviour: presented with "roll to decrease difficulty" by 1d12+4, as per Staff of Hungry Shadow's second ability. Roll 8, play passes back to Valeros who is presented with a difficulty 12 combat check for which he is only allowed to use his Arcane skill (can't change skill from drop-down box, can't play weapons).

Aftermath: Valeros succeeds at check thanks to blessings. Presented with next combat check, difficulty 32, with no option to pass the check off to Ezren.


Possibly related to the behaviour reported in this thread:


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