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All areas have reset





Been playing for 18 hours and have just left the dungeon area in Raedric's Hold. Have just noticed that everything has reset, fog of war is back, all chests etc. I did a quick search online and apparently I've corrupted my save as I had two windows of the game open by accident.


Is there any workaround for this, I really don't want to have to replay the entire game...

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So I've been playing a little longer. All the areas, enemies and triggers for the locations I've visited have reset but my quest log and stats are all correct. I seem to be able to advance the main plot and other quests, my log still shows quests that I have done previously as completed.


Can I continue to play and just not revisit any of the areas that have reset? I've completed all the quests in those locations and I'm fairly near the beginning of the game. Only just finished Act 1 and got to the city.  

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