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Game arbitrarily locked to 22 fps?



For some reason whenever I launch the game it's locked to 22 fps (confirmed via afterburner) and I have to restart my computer to get it to run in full unlocked 144 fps mode. I have a 144 hz Gsync monitor and a GTX 1070, the game runs anywhere from 100-70 fps on average and I have never once had a drop under normal circumstances to 22 fps . I also uninstalled Afterburner and the problem still exists without any external programs running in the background. 


Anybody with a similar system having the same issue? I'm a little bit tired of having to constantly restart my computer just to launch the game properly?

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In order to know if one of us has a similar system: what's your operating system (since you're using Afterburner it's obviously Windows, but which one?) and your graphics driver?

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