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To be honest, I hope Obsidian never does business with White Wolf


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After the fact that they hired a transphobic serial harasser to write "We eat Blood" which they willfully choose to ignore the evidence, I advise Obsidian not to do business with White Wolf beyond this point.


Plus Vampire 5th edition is going to be extremely problematic (for example Vampires having no souls, etc) so it's not even worth touching at this point keep it at the garbage bin where it belongs.


Now I would have accepted a Vampire: the Requiem game or any Chronicles of Darkness game however but not Masquerade or any OWoD game because the setting is garbage.


Plus I don't think I want a Bloodlines 2 at all.

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Hi  BloodDeath,


Thanks for taking the time to share this concern and challenge. As your concern also highlights the tension for OBS to ensure that conversations do not end up disparaging colleagues in the industry, I encourage you to continue the conversation by emailing here: support@obsidian.net. Once again - thank you for sharing this concern and please do follow-up with an email.


with respect,



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