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Game stuck at retrieve card from discard pile



Can't find a report button in the app nor in this forum so I'll post it here.


General (For all issues)

Device type: iPad

OS: iOS 10.2.1

Model: iPad Pro 12.9"

PFID#: 7913


Gameplay issue:

pass & play off

permadeath off

Quest Mode

Characters in Party - Seelah, Lem, and Lini

Location - don't remember

Turn Order - as above

Scenario & Scenario Difficulty. Can't see since screen is crashed

What card was encountered when the issue occurred - after permanently closing location, where location power was to recharge item.

Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore? If subsequent, what card did you last encounter? What was its resolution? - iirc, just defeated villain.

Did other characters aid the check? What did they use to aid it? - don't remember

Was the encounter a Horde? No.


Quest mode now opens to screen to recharge item from discard pile, but I can't do so nor cancel it.

Thus quest mode is now unplayable.

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Unless you have a jailbroken iPad, the only way to clear up that problem is to uninstall/reinstall Pathfinder Adventures.


All characters/gold/treasure chests/cards/story saves are synced to the cloud.  The Quest Mode save only lives on your iPad and does not sync anywhere.


After reinstalling the app, everything should sync back into place, and quest mode should work again. Start a new quest and all your previous experienced characters should be available.


However, keep in mind that quest mode is being retired soon.  Enjoy it while you can.

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