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Basic build for all characters. Ideas for advanced builds?

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1 Barbarian. Skill points into Strength, improve hand Size, More Blessings.


2 Bard. Skill points into Charisma , improve Bardic Performance , More Spell .


3 Cleric. Skill points into Wisdom, improve everything but Undead Lore , More Spells .


4 Druid. Skill points into Wisdom , improve Animal trick , More Spells.


5 Fighter. Skill points into Strength, improve Hand Size , Max Blessing .


6 Monk. Skill points into Dexterity , Increase Hand Size and Magic fist, more Weapons.


7 Paladin. Skill points into Strength , Increase everything, more Weapons/Blessings/spells(order?) .


8 Ranger. Skill points into Dexterity , Increase Sniper Shot, max blessings .


9 Rogue. Skill points into Dexterity, Increase , more weapons(personal choice) .


10 Sorcerer. Skill points into Charisma, Increase Arcane Strike, more Spells.


11 Wizard. Skill points into Intelligence, Increase Recharge , More Spells(?).

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After that things are less clear. What secondary stat should skill points be put into? Which Role Path is better? Where should other card feats be placed?


1 Barbarian. 2nd Skill points into ? , "Our Lord in Iron" feat , More ? cards. Maybe items? Role?


2 Bard. 2nd Skill points into Dexterity?. Virtuoso for "Solo Performance" feat, More weapons or Items. ? Role: Viruoso


3 Cleric. 2nd Skill points into Strength, "Dawnflowers Favor/ite" feat , more Blessings and Weapons. Role?


4 Druid. 2nd Skill points into Strength,  Wild Warden for "Ritual raining", more allies. Role: Wild Warden is much better caster.


5 Fighter. 2nd Skill points into ?,  More teamwork??, More items? Role?


6 Monk. 2nd Skill points into ?, Zen Archer and Weapon Proficiency?, more blessings or items. Role? Zen archer is a little better


7 Paladin. 2nd Skill points into Wisdom/Charisma , "Inheritor's favor/ite", more Weapons/Blessings/spells(order?) . Role?


8 Ranger. 2nd Skill points into Wisdom , Tracker for "Animal Trick", more allies(animals) . Role? Tracker has recharging Animals.


9 Rogue. 2nd Skill points into ?, "Inspired Dexterity" , more blessings. Role? Thief is a little better


10 Sorcerer. 2nd Skill points into ?, "Our lady of Graves", more Spells. Role? Celestial Sorcerer doesnt banish anything accidently


11 Wizard. 2nd Skill points into ?, even MORE Recharge , More Items? Role? Illusionist may be better.


Any class with spells(aside from Rogue) works better with the maximum number of spells. Blessings maxed out is a good idea for everyone. Items and allies can be solid secondary choices.


The classes differ a lot in quality of choices made. Some classes have no clear choices in terms of skills, feats, cards, or even roles. Others have maybe a single power that screams "Take me"


Cleric and Paladin both have some strong feats and want Weapons, Spells, and Blessings. Theyre pretty much fixed already but their roles are open.


Bard and Druid have roles to choose that are much more generally useful. Bard becomes a jack-of-all-trades while the Druid has amazing casting.


The more physical characters vague.  They dont have anything to say "you should play like this".


So additional comments and advice you can give? Ive already read up on the Paladin taking a shortcut by going for spells and/or blessings before weapons.

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Here's what I did:


1) Barbarian: Str primary, Wis/Con secondary. Juggernaut for Thick Skin. Blessings, Ally, Items.


2) Bard: Dex primary, Cha secondary. Virtuoso for Solo Performance. Max Bardic Performance. Spells, Blessing, Items.


3) Cleric: Str primary, Wis secondary. Exorcist with Dawnflower's Favorite. Weapon, Spells, Item, Ally.


4) Druid: Wis primary, Str secondary. Wild Warden for max Animal Trick. Spells, Weapon, Blessing, Allies.


5) Fighter: Str primary, Dex secondary. Weapon Master for Weapon Supremecy. Blessing, Allies, Items.


6) Monk: Dex primary, Wis secondary. Drunken Master... is less bad than Zen Archer? I like Dodge though. Weapon, Blessings, Allies, Items.


7) Paladin: Str primary, Wis secondary. Hospitalier for max hand size. Blessings, Spells, Allies.


8 ) Ranger: Dex primary, Con secondary. Sniper for Miraculous Dexterity. Blessing, Allies, Items.


9) Rogue: Dex primary, Str secondary. Acrobat for Evade. Inspired Dexterity. Weapon, Blessing, Allies, Items.


10) Sorcerer: Cha primary, Int secondary. Either role (I went Celestial). Max Resistances. Spells, Blessings, Ally, Items.


11) Wizard: Int primary, Wis secondary. Illusionist for Mind Trick and Refocus. Spells, Allies, Items.


I agree that some characters are more obvious than others. To be honest, with the card feats as long as you don't pick Armor you'll probably be fine, and with the skill feats as long as you max your primary attack skill you'll be fine. After that Wisdom is probably the most useful for closing locations, followed by Intelligence and Dexterity. Someone had a very good list of the power feats with opinions in a Google document, you should be able to find it if you search the forums for "Roles".

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Ah, yes. Rogue Acrobat has "Delay". I forgot about that. That one ability would be incredibly useful in nearly any situation a Rogue might get into so you can acquire boons or bring in another character able to handle banes like the Villain.


Ranger. Well Animal Trick(not to be confused with Druid Animal Trick) gives the power to recharge animals allies. I can see that very powerful in nothing more than free explores. If you had more powerful animals like the Velociraptor it would make some problems a breeze.  In the case of Miraculous Dexterity Vs Wisdom that can be a harder choice. The Ranger can become a Divine spellcaster. Having Miraculous Wisdom and spells like Mass Cure could make 2 spell card slots into game changers. This is actually a  tough choice.


Barbarian, Monk, and Sorcerer have mild differences.


Fighter, yeah Weapon Master is better but not by enough to say "wow".


Cleric and Paladin have so many quality power feats that their roles are extrasr. Paladin Hospitaller with Healing Hands could be quite useful. Cleric Healer is redundant but the Exorcist can be quite good against Undead or Outsiders if you have enough power feats


Wizard, well the Evoker looks pretty bad. 3 feats to give +2 to some attacks spells? Illusionist takes one or two feats to control your deck quite well.


Druid Wild Warden and Barb Virtuoso are at least clear picks.

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