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This is a topic on the Strongest Party, not about the strongest team. My criteria are that the party beat legendary mode more than 50% of the time, can close all locations without too much difficulty, each member can fight on their own in their location, and the party as a whole has a balance in each card category (exception armor). This is my opinion on the strongest party. Please post here your strongest party and your criteria.


My strongest party consists of Amiri, Lem and Lini. Amiri can beat everything to pulps. Lem specializes in arcane spells and self-charge with bardic performance. Lini has her furry friends and specializes in divine spells. Amiri has the Iron's Favor and Lem has the Rose's Favor and their blessings add d12 in allies' checks. Amiri can easily close strength, melee and constitution locations, Lem can close arcane, diplomacy and dexterity locations and Lini can close wisdom, knowledge and many others with the help of animal tricks. The most difficult to close is pure intelligence location, but the d12 blessings on any checks are great.


Healing is adequate. Amiri has the Mukmurian's Club and Father Zantus, Lem has the Burning Glaive (used to have the cure spell) and Lini has Major Cure. In terms of damage output, only Lini struggles with scenario 6 monsters and some villains and especially when the Darkest day power (+6 combat check difficulty) is enabled. The party has items and spells that lower combat difficulty such as Swipe, wand of enervation and the staff of hungry shadows. There are the scrying spells and items as well.

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I'm still _really_ fond of Seelah, Lini (Spells focused on Cure/Support), Harsk, Seoni. You have a lot of flexibility even in off situations, can cover nearly any closing type, and have a broad range of support options for critical situations. As you say, Lini can struggle with defeating deck 6 legendary monsters, but the only legendary decks I had any real trouble with were Thassilonian Sins and Into the Eye. 

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