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Edér lost all of his equipment

Forlorn Hope




I ran into an unfortunate bug, as the title says Edér lost all of his equipment after I swapped him for Maneha in WM1. I completed WM1 and went back to my Stronghold and now the very good equipment including his inventory, quick slots equipped items have all disappeared. Very irritating. I have many saves along the way but no saves before I swapped Edér and Maneha... It seems that he instantly lost all his items after he left the part.


Is there a solution for this? 


Save games:






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I'm having this bug as well, but with Sagani. I came to the forums looking for an answer. A lot of Google searches indicate that it's been a problem since 2016, at least. This is probably WNF at this point considering the work on POE II is in full swing. I'm in the process of reinstalling and if anything, I will have to lose a few hours and revert to an un-corrupted save, and/or, not use Sagani anymore and consider her companion quest a wash. I don't think you're going to find a fix =/ 

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And it's still a bug in 2018 - come on Obsidian - you know that he is a common target for prime equipment... and you effectively tell the player to ditch Eder instead of Pellagina in the initial dialogue with Maneha - and the interaction between them seems to be just 1 comment thereafter (after 20 hrs of play).

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