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am thinking this needs a thread different from romance.  most character relationships will be other than romantic.  trying to discuss all relationship aspects in the romance thread is less than ideal.  


so, the new character interaction mechanic...




will not be a popular pov, but am concerned.  character development is not gonna be improved considerably with a mechanical fix.


"the recent 3.0 stretch goal bothers (concerns?) us.  the mechanics o' companion interaction is not gonna be what makes pallegina more interesting than she were in poe1.  opposite problem is more likely.  the more the companion interactions become fickle and subject to whims o' a protean protagonist, the less useful they is gonna be for advancing story.  am understanding the reflexive appeal o' adding choice to a crpg, but am also recognizing the limitations such choice often places 'pon coherent storytelling."
am not wanting less reactivity than is being offered with the new companion mechanics, but am seeing how such will be making the individual companions a bit more like the protagonist (i.e. mutable) and thus more difficult to write compelling. 
wanna discuss romance?  fine. in this thread am more concerned with general companion relationships.
HA! Good Fun! 
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