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Error in Settings Dialog



I tried to change the settings from Details High to Details Low and refused the resart for the moment.

Since then the settings are all ****ed up (I did restart a couple of times by now).


I cannot toggle stuff anymore most of the time, the user interface reads "Unknown" and sometimes I get a "hills" rather then an "on" or "off" selection.


What device type are you on? Android

What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4
What model is the device? GAlaxy Note 3
What is your PFID#? 911C57A60E14EAF4
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small correction. Actually my dialog reads right now:


Effects: Troll
Treasury Cards: Troll
Rate: Rate
User Interface: Rate
When I click on any option it resets to proper values but doesn't let me change the User Interface anymore as that one is replaced by unknown.
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Flounder mentioned this in one of his other posts...   :p


Yeah, apparently we trolled ourselves.    


If you go to the Settings and clearly got the logged in message but you cannot see your version number or the PFID#, tap the "Troll" button.  


Seriously.  It will refresh the screen with your information.  


We literally "trolled" ourselves...

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Yes, this brings back the info, but the User Interface now swaps to "unknown" for me and it cannot be changed in any way. Which is unfortunate as I am struck in phone mode while I quite prefer the tablet mode for this screen size.

Yeah.  I've noticed that too.  Between that and the Valentines's Promo Cards, should be right around the corner.


Or, is it going to be  :p

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