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Beyond the Deadfire Archipelago?

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To veer into the realm of speculation, I think there is a good chance the finale of Deadfire will actually take us to the territory beyond the Deadfire Archipelago. 


"Seafaring expeditions heading south and east go no farther than the Deadfire Archipelago. The chain of active volcanoes poses less of a threat than the shifting landmasses and warm water that it fosters. In addition to being virtually unmapped and unpredictable, the low-visibility currents swarm with sea monsters that are rumored to constrict, splinter, and swallow vessels whole." Guidebook, Vol. 1, p 14. 


"Many consider the Deadfire the last frontier on Eora, since the waters beyond swarm with deadly monsters that have halted even the most determined expeditions." Guidebook, Vol. 1, p 56.


We have already seen a god, Ondra, use a sea monster to safeguard something that she wanted to keep secret. So, the question is, are the sea monsters that prevent further exploration beyond the Deadfire Archipelago there to keep something else secret? And why did Eothas head in the direction of the Deadfire Archipelago as opposed to returning to Readceras? 


One final thought: why does it seem as if all of the factions that we can ally with in Deadfire all seem to be able provide a large number of ships? Perhaps that is how the different factions will be more integrated into the resolution of the main plot for Deadfire, because we need the ships of our allies to venture into the treacherous unknown? 

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