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Can I tweak some flags in EternityKeeper to get the Devil of Caroc her "at peace" ending?

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I may have been a good boy and encouraged her to spare her target during her personal quest, and I'm a little distressed at how bleak her ending was. I fished around in my old saves until I found one where the quest was incomplete, finished it with the murderin', then copied the flags with the word "Devil"'s states into my pre-endgame file (the only difference was that it set n_devil_quest_state to 3, rather than 2, which it is if you spare the guy).


This didn't change what my quest log showed I'd decided or the final outcome, though. She still went around murderin' and then got pulled apart. Any idea if I can do anything to tweak this save? It's my only negative outcome in the game! I'd like my Watcher to bring positive memories of her fate into PoE 2 or whatever, in case it should come up. Poor Matias doesn't want to remember her as an angry blender.

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