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Reaping Knives and Novice's Suffering synergy

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I really liked the way novice's suffering used to stack with the cipher power reaping knives. Unfortunately this was patched out with 3.02 I think.
I would really like to mod it back in :) I've gotten as far as opening px2_reaping_knives_weapon.unity3d in UABE. In the biggest MonoBehavior I found the value int WeaponType = 6. Could changing this to whatever value corresponds to unarmed attacks work? Does anyone know what that might be? Or am I way of base here? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!



I figured it out :) If you open px2_reaping_knives.unity3d in UABE there is a MonoBehavior Base with a size of 368 bytes. At the end of that monobase you will find the variable UInt8 Unarmed = 0. Setting that to 1 did the trick! I followed this excellent guide on how to go about changing the value.

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