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I didn't like potions in PoE. They took too long to drink mid battle, they didn't seem to make much difference, or there was always a better action to perform. Some were pretty nice, like the crit or attack speed ones, but others were like, "Why would I ever use that?"


I also think being able to craft bunches of them made it a requirement they not be TOO powerful, which in turn meant they weren't worth it in the first place. They were just kind of there and the only time you ever used them was when you had to remind yourself they exist.


I don't think they should be craftable in the sequel. They should be a limited resource that you cherish and use at key moments to win big battles. I liked how it was handled in past IE games. They really made a difference and so were a lot more exciting to find, which was a nice addition to only looking for weapons and armor. Like right now I'm playing IWD and I've got this 8d6 Flaming Oils I'm holding onto, looking forward to the right enemy pack to unleash it on.


If they are going to be craftable, I recommend the mats for it be harder to find.


Maybe PotD players had a much different experience... I only played on Hard, so.

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