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Ezren: Spell Collector bonus added to recharge checks


When playing arcane spells with Ezren, I noticed that the icon for the "Spell Collector" power keeps popping up when the recharge check starts. And it seems like it's not just a display issue, the bonus from that power is in fact actually applied to the check as well, even though the description of the power says it only applies on checks to acquire spells - no mention of recharges.


Here's an example:




It's Illusionist Ezren, "Scholar" alternate, 4 points to Int, 1 power feat in "Recovery", 2 feats in Spell Collector. He should be rolling recharges at a base of +6 (+1 Arcane, +4 from skill feats, +1 from Recovery) but in fact gets to roll at a +10 (no int-boosting items or bonuses from other characters, that's just the base value), which means the +4 from Spell Collector has been added to it.


Not that I am really complaining, it makes keeping those powerful spells in circulation a lot easier - but it's still wrong...

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