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Thassilonian Sins cornering all 3 villains would not complete scenario?

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So after weeks and weeks and weeks I FINALLY was able to have a session where all locations but 2 were closed. I had fought each villain and forced them all into one location. At the location where I had all 3 villain's cornered, I then fought all 3 of them in turn, over 3 rounds (the other open location was a 100% success to close during the close location screen, so I could keep them from escaping to that location).


After successfully fighting all 3 villains in that one location (they were the only 3 cards in that location), and the other location was closed during ever battle with them, the scenario did not end?


Am I doing something wrong? I am fairly certain that is the condition for completing this scenario? Just wondering if I am missing something.


Also when I failed and then went to the manage your cards screen, suddenly Seoni has TWO Wands of Enervation. o.O (I only had one). Damn, if only it would have bugged out and gave me another Quill!  :dancing:


EDIT: I was able to corner all 3 Villains again, I fought one of them, then the screen glitched out on some check. I closed the app and then started it and then was at a check to recharge a globe. And then fought the other 2 and the scenario ended just fine.

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I've experienced these issues as well. Due to failing the scenario repeatedly I now have 4 wands of enervation (not complaining as I have both Ezren and Seoni in party); and after I cornered and defeated all three villains, the scenario still didn't end until I'd finished closing all the locations.

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