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[3.05] Paladin Zealous Focus bug




I have a serious bug with my paladins Zealous Focus ability.

My party includes two paladins: one is my main character named Tomash and I have Pallegina as well.

None of the other party members are affected by the accuracy bonus (given by Zealous Focus) anymore.


1. Zealous Focus is enabled both by Tomash and Pallegina:



Tomash tooltip

In this tooltip I can see that Tomash (my main character, Paladin) is emitting Zealous Focus and Zealous Focus emitted by Pallegina is suppressed on him.


Tomash main window

Next window is showing that my character Accuracy is +6 by Pallegina's Zealous Focus emitted by Pallegina. It's a bug, it should state: +6 Zealous Focus [Tomash].



And now Pallegina tooltip ...

and her Accuracy is +6 by Tomash Zealous Focus. It's a bug again, it should be +6 Zealous Focus [Pallegina].



And finally Eder tooltip window: no Accuracy bonus at all.

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 but what happens when only one paladin activates the aura?


When only my main character activates the aura -> only he has accuracy bonus. But in his main character panel it's described something like this: +6 Accuracy Zelalous Focus [Pallegina]. Note that Pallegina's Aura is disabled at that moment.



I have managed somehow to restore the auras to normal: by going to console and RemoveTalent zealousfocus and AddAbility zelaousfocus to both characters, which restores the right bonuses. I hope it's a permanent "fix" ;-)

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