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Helping Stalwart?

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I haven't completed white march yet. My main play throughs were with the base game and white march 1. The characters were more or less good to some degree. A while back i rolled several new characters to role play differently. One an aedyran orlan slave coming back to find his home he was stolen from so he doesnt like they dyrwoodians but does like the glanfathans so acts accordingly to the different groups and a orlan nature worshiper who felt the lands belong to the beast (that is beasts in the game creature type so i would try to avoid killing beast types) and that the inhabitants need to learn to get along with nature (my druid kick). So i was enjoying these builds until i got to the white march content. I felt like no matter what choices i made i end up helping stalwart and it kinda killed my characters focus. Without being to spoilery is there any choices in the white march that doesnt end up helping them and by extension the whole of dyrwood colonies? I get the feeling that i need to just skip this content for these character playthroughs. 

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