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Please fix this game breaking bug (Ravenger 4th bomb)

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Hi, I started KOTOR the first time a few days ago. I have been playing it ever since I got it and wondering why I never got it earlier.

Unfortunately this joy I had has come to an end, close to the ending of the game that has left me feeling as though the past day of play time has been completely wasted as a result of this bug I have encountered.


The bug I am referring to is about the Ravenger ship when having to place the 4th Proton bomb. I didn't realise when I first was playing through the level that there were numbered bomb sites, and was mostly just exploring whilst leaving my companions to kill the enemies.


Because of this after placing the first bomb at the 1st site, I had gone straight to the 4th site and entered a cut scene which I accidentally skipped and thought nothing of. After defeating Nihilas and coming to the realisation that I still had to plant the remaining bombs is when I discovered that I would be unable to finish this game.


According to the quest info after defeating Nihilas and having been to bomb sites 1 and 4, I had only planted 1 out of 3 bombs. I went to bomb sites 2 and 3, encountered a cut scene for each, with the final cutscene indicating I needed a new bomb. I got the missing bomb from the missile room, went to the 4th bomb site but as I had already triggered a cut scene there initially, I now cannot trigger the final cutscene to plant the final bomb and finish the mission.


I looked for other people who had my problem and only found 2 threads on the same issue. Neither of those threads offered a solution, and the responses were simply that the person must of missed a bomb site, or they had not visted them all when that is not the case.


I spent 20 minutes going to all 4 bomb sites, doing everything I could to possibly trigger it to no avail. I reloaded the games autosave before the Nihilas fight and planted the remaining bombs before going back to fight Nihilas and that changed nothing. Because I went to bomb site 4 before I had planted the remaining bombs I now cannot complete the mission, or the game.


I don't have any existing saves to revert to as I was always overwriting my current save incase I died because of how punishing deaths are.

As a result the only option I have is to start the game from the complete start and hope I don't make the same mistake.



The whole point of this is to basically warn people not to make this mistake, and hope that this bug is fixed so nobody else has to end up wasting their time to not even be able to complete the game. I'm kind of surprised that 12-13 years or however long this game has been out, a bug of this kind in one of the final missions has never been delt with.



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