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Hi Devs,


Hope you are reading this but would it be possible to add a stretch goal to the financing campaign to have french voice over this time? Would be really great! It's not THAT expensive recording professionnal voice over...


Thank you!

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I'm fairly certain that VO in other languages won't happen or at least not before they run out of other things benefitting more players (ye, not only backers). I can somewhat understand why someone would want VO in their language but personally I hope they don't do it. Especially since some players from other countries would like to have VO in their mother tongue as well. 

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Some loose thoughts regarding the topic. I really prefer playing PoE in English, because I find it more suitable for this setting. It's great that there is/will be a Polish version of both games, but I still rather read and listen to the original. Most of the names translated to Polish irk me:

  • Dyrwood is Jelenioborze, it sounds like Deero-forest
  • Dyrford is Jeleni Bród, it sounds like Ford of the Deer
  • Stalwart is Krzepa, it sounds like Sturdiness

Yuck. So most of it is annoying, but I must admit that there are some really good ones:

  • First Fires is Zarzewie, it sounds like a one word combination of two: Embers and Source

So yeah, them good ones are in minority. But I also must admit that playing the Polish versions of the Infinity Engine games was fantastic. Both, the translation and professional actors taken for the roles were top notch and set the stage for any future Polish localizations. And this is why Enhanced Editions of BG and IwD are better to play in English, because new content has no official localization. Sure, some good people translated the text out of charity, but no new actors provided the voice overs. So I played the EE's in English, and it is/was a funny and intersting experience for me.


Torment: Tides of Numenera got about $5 milion in total, and so it will be soon released with a Polish localization with professional voice overs - and the great comeback of Piotr Fronczewski, the legendary narrator from the Polish versions of the BG saga. I am sure to play this game in Polish only because of this, because it gives me both text and voices. As for Pillars - English all the way.

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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