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Just the small stuff

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Being there's tons of ideas, comments, and fixes about all the major things people would like different/changed/modified/updated I'd like to focus this thread on all the small stuff. So without further ado here's my list of minor things I'd like to see in Deadfire that aren't really that big a deal but would make the game just a tiny bit better (of course this is all based on PoE1).


  • Not being able to see into other rooms when you're not in that room; this is especially apparent in dungeons where you can see monsters behind closed doors IF that chamber is well lit. Matter a fact you can often see the entire room layout and all monsters near light sources while my avatars are on the complete opposite side of the wall.
  • Not being able to click into the darkness to find hidden chambers; secrets should remain secret and being able to click beyond a wall allows the player to actively search for ways to get to the secret area, which gives away all the glory of finding secret areas.
  • Zooming the camera when in narrative; I'd love to be able to see the grand details and artwork better when I'm focused on narrative. Really let me see who's talking instead of a tiny model. I often played fully zoomed in to my detriment of gameplay just so I can see the wonderful graphics when I'm being talked to.
  • The ability to record [to a text file] all combat data in the Combat Panel; I add this to practically ever post/reply I make. hah!


I have so much more but they're not really minor, thus not applicable here--plus who likes to hear some newb talk about how they'd do it. Have any more minor changes/fixes for all to make fun of. =)     ~cheers~

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