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What publisher for Europe will PoE II have?

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Hello everyone, I would like to make a pledge to this project, but as an European fan of Obsidian, I'm wondering about the following. 


1) First Pillars of Eternity retail boxes (including Kickstarter editions) were distributed by Paradox Interactive, a Swedish Publisher. It basically meant that Kickstarter editions were shipped from within the EU so no value-added tax was applied for backers to my knowledge. Is this the case also with PoE II: Deadfire, or will be Fig campaign editions shipped directly from the U.S. this time?


 2) Will there be an option to get Fig crowdfunding campaign-related editions after the current campaign ends? For example, it was possible for both inXile's Torment: Tides of Numenera through their website and for Otherside's Underworld Ascendant on Backerkit.


Can someone, preferably directly from Obsidian, reach out and clarify? Thanks in advance!

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