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[Question] Fig campaign pledge extras options (Guidebook Vol II)

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EDIT: The Fig update #1 answered this in the Q&A, sorta:


Q: Will the Guidebook Volume II go up as an add-on or on Amazon like the first one?

A: We are currently looking into how best to service fan demand for the Guidebook Volume II. We know you want it, so we're going to find a way to give it to you.





I noticed that the Guidebook Vol II isn't available as a pledge extras option, neither digital nor hardcover physical.


I would like to inquire if it would be possible for those extras options to be added, especially since the hardcover book is only available at the 200+ dollar pledge tiers.


The hardcover Guidebook Vol I for Pillars 1 was superb, but I missed the crowdfunding campaign and could only manage to acquire the book much later on by ordering from an international retailer. I would like to have the new one sooner and easier this time, but 200+ dollar tiers are beyond my current funds.


My idea is that a 25-35 dollar hardcover Guidebook Vol II extras option would be perfect. Would this be possible?



Thank you for your time,


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Yeah, same here! Loved the Guidebook vol.1, but it was hard to buy in my country.


Maybe add some other stuff as add-ons, like the mousepad and the cloth map as well. That would be neat.

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