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Weird cyclic problem with Ambush + Ceoptera



So, I'm in adventure 6-4 with 1 blessing left in the deck and 1 open location. Amiri's turn, in Mountain Peak, she fails at an Ambush, and  I'm glad, since that pulls the Villain up and gives me a chance to finish. I beat the first roll handily.


It's the second roll - I've got a ton of different cards in play (Runechill, 2x Orb of Storms, Incendiary Cloud, and some blessings) - but with Ambush in play, I'm at a net -6 from the number of dice. I decide to play a Fire Sneeze. Seelah misses the roll - and I can't play it - but the penalty jumps to -16. I try to cancel out some of the cards played, in hopes that I can roll something back - and next thing I know - with less dice - I'm at -23. Put blessings back on, it's -25. Something's causing it to add the -1 more than once.



Restarting the app didn't help, as it often does with these kinds of things. Just leaving it alone for now, and hoping the next patch will cause it to recalculate. 

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