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Loss of Character Progression Levels



I recently downloaded this game to my iPhone 6 plus, and I played for several hours and gained at least 6 levels for Merisiel and Kyra through Story and Quest modes. When I logged back in this morning, all the levels and character progression was reset to zero. I had finished Perils of the Lost Coast and purchased Burnt Offerings, and the progress there remains the same as does the gold that I had earned. Is this normal? Do I need to start character levels over every time I re-log in? This seems very counter productive and I can't see how to progress through the game like this and I surely don't want to spend any real money on this game should this be the case.

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In Story mode you get Gold the first time you successfully complete a scenario on Normal and Heroic difficulty. You get a Gold reward on Legendary every time you succeed. Character advancement in Story mode is only via Scenario Rewards


In Quest mode, you get XP every time you finish a Scenario - you get a bonus if you succeed and you get more XP for Heroic and Legendary difficulties. Character advancement is by accumulated XP. You also get Gold for Quest mode but only as a bonus for success (though there are small rewards during the scenario for defeating Banes, you get this regardless of success or failure)


Or this was the case up to AD5, I haven't played since around November, I guess something may have changed with a more recent patch.

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