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I'm not receiving rewards for completing daily challenges



So I keep completing various daily challenges, but I have yet to receive any rewards for doing so. It shows me that I've defeated 25/25 banes (as an example), and it's grayed out with the timer still going, but I don't get anything. I thought maybe I had to wait for the timer to run out and then I would get it, but nope, then it just moves on to the next one without rewarding me. The weekly challenge even shows that I've completed 1/4 daily challenges. I've checked the Pick Up Rewards" tab, both before and after the timer has run out, but there's never been anything there. Also, shortly after starting the game (maybe it was the first time I played even) there was a message about everyone getting 5 free chests. It said that they might not show up right away but that they would all be delivered by like Jan 15th. I never got those either. Is this common or a known bug? Is there anything I can do?

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