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Anyone have requests for the game moving forward, Post them here. These are mine: I was thinking how great it would be to eventually add the iconic heroes promo cards to the digital experience. The cards were packaged with the pathfinder iconic mini sets for the physical game, and every iconic character got at least one card each that was useful for them in particular or for their class as a whole(such as Amiri's giant sword). I wouldn't mind paying for these cards to support the team and they'd be a reason to take some characters out adventuring again to try them out. Also I would like to see unlockable content of some sort, like a card/dice/character reward for completing story mode(possibly once, multiple times, with certain characters...etc), something to up replay value and keep us coming back. I also would love to see some non iconic class deck characters , or even better some original exclusive characters (like allies,cohorts,and henchman from other base sets) Any one else :)? -Triple S

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