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Store - chest cards not showing in my deck



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Everything is working fine, you just seem to have misunderstood how treasure chests/deck building works.


The treasure chest cards you get from opening chests are put into your gallery, which you can view any time in the main menu. You can then randomly encounter those cards during your scenarios. Obviously, the adventure deck number of the cards needs to be at least same as the adventure you're playing yourself to be able to encounter it (i.e. if you play B-1 scenario over and over, you will never encounter treasure cards from adventure deck 1 and higher; same goes for the basic cards).


Moreover, the "deck builder" is only used inbetween scenarios to move your current character decks around. That means you can only swap cards from one party member to another; you can't magically add new cards, whether they are treasure cards or not.


Should also be mentioned that if you do not have enough cards to fill up specific card type on a character at the end of scenario (for example, you banished a healing potion and no one in your party obtained a new item), you are then able to select card(s) from the vault itself, which will contain basic and treasure cards up to your current adventure deck level.

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