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Unpurchaseable "Buried Treasure"



A few days ago I spotted the "Buried Treasure" special offer in the store and bought it. No problem there.


Now, I thought this was something like a one-per-customer kind of thing, so it should disappear (at least for a while), however it currently still is visible to me in the store - but when I try buying it again (it really is a nice deal) the buy button does absolutely nothing.


So, there seems to be a bug here, I just don't know which it is:

  1. Either, I'm not actually eligible for this special offer anymore, so the fact that I can't buy is is correct - then the bug is that I can still see it in the store.
  2. Otherwise, if the fact that I can see it in the store is correct, because the deal should somehow still be available to me - then the bug obviously is the "Buy" button not working.

Affected version: current -

Affected device: Nexus 6P running stock Android 7.1.1


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