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As the title says, it is an ongoing experiment. A very succesful experiment.


All started when i thought    " if my main character is a ranged cleric, how can i defend her ? "


So my first idea was to give her 2 bodyguards, but during the development of the party i did something better.


So, the party.




My main line : () are the real stats, non () are base stats


Eder  ( saber , shield and heavy armor) :


STR 16(18)

COS 16(19

DEX 11

PER 12(16)

INT 10

RES 13(14)


AIM 79




HP 300


Rain ( sword, shield and heavy armor ) :


My moon godlike warrior, this girl is basically a Eder without defender but with top perception at the cost of RES.


Useless to write the attributes.


Kana ( stiletto, shield and heavy armor ) :


Yes, a tank - Kana. Not really a tank, but he can fight in melee and afterall most of the enemyes target Eder and Rain instead of him.


Main purpose : buffs and the enchantments that raise 3 attributes of a lot of points for more or less 40 seconds.




And now comes the second line, my cleric and the 2 druid sisters :


Airys ( Arquebus and heavy armor ) :


My cleric. Look at the stats, you will notice that she is fast for a character that use a arquebus and heavy armor. Plus, her damage is huge ( 36 - 54 ) and her high accuracy helps.


STR 15(17)

COS 3(4)

DEX 19(21)

PER 20(27)

INT 18(20)

RES 3(4)


AIM 79




HP 124


As you can see, her main problem is health points. She is frail, meaning you have to plan how you fight or she will die fast.


But she can cast spells very fast, plus her ranged damage is more than enough to kill monsters. A glass cannon, in short.


Sorrow ( 2 battle axes / scepter , heavy armor ) :


My moon godlike druid. She and her sister are almost the same, so i will discuss later on how i use them both. Oh, can become a cat for 23,3 seconds nd in that time her fast and strong attacks hurt.


STR 16(19)


DEX 16

PER 16(19)

INT 19(21)

RES 3( 8)


AIM 80




HP 141


Rage ( 2 spears / hunter bow , heavy armor ) :


Sorrow's sister.


STR 17(20)


DEX 18

PER 17(22)

INT 20



AIM 72




HP 117




So, how do this team work ?


Suppose that i face a hard battle, this is how my team work.




Eder, Kana and Sorrow ( 2 warriors and a tank chanter ) engage the monsters. Kana, as soon as he reach 5 points, will cast the enchantment that gives +5 to PER, dex and INT for 42 seconds. To my 2 warriors. So i buff my concentration, speed and aim.


Behind them, i keep my ranged cleric in the middle with the 2 druid sisters on her right and left.


The cleric buffs the warriors, the 2 druids attacks with bow and scepter. So they both use ranged weapons.



The cleric, when no shooting with the arquebus, buffs the warriors aim, will and damage reduction bonuses.


The druids will cast the plague that decrease Concentration and damage monsters on a long time. They will cast also the spells that stun multiple monsters.


But first of all, both druids cast the level 4 healing spell on the warriors and on themselves.


If a monster try to get to the cleric, they both switch weapons ( 2 battle axes and 2 spears ). Also, they both morph in cat form and...


...well, look at their stats. More or less 16 DEX and 20 PER without buffs. Think of them when they are buffed and on cat form. They completely rule the battlefield.


It's hard to explain, but this is a very effective party.


Fast druids in cat form are awesome glass cannon bodyguards, always protecting my cleric and allowing me to rule the battlefield.





The key of this party is building it in a way that all the members keep getting health point during the battle, no matter if they do not need it.


And micro-managing. Afterall i have to use 2 druids that goes ranged or melee.

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