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Harpy monk check stuck v1.1.6.1



iPad air 2, i0s 10.2. Story mode. Seelah, Seoni, Sajan and Lini. Heroic difficulty, The black tower scenario.

Game version



A Shelah met harpy monk in the courtyard and Lini in the temple was not allowed to roll the wisdom check.

I did vault trip and game got stuck. Then I did end the app. Played with another croup another scenario got back to the original Group and then I was able to forfeit the scenario. Then happened interesting craphic bug, where Harpy monk keep me a company whole time. It has to be really Lonely ;)










And now the Harpy monk is always in all scenarios the first card.

Like for example in here Ogres aint right.




And the game is stuck completely for that Group. I did send pfid to the Aarik so that the dev may check this out sometimes next year.

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