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huge spoilers-say what you want about length but act four was hot fire.- huge spoilers

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im not kidding huge spoilers



iorvara's knowledge bomb about there are no gods.


youre the dumb idiot that betrayed iorvara. this pissed me off so much about myself and made me feel so bad for that woman. how she got totured and captured because of me. she seemed like such a nice lady. she trusted me so much. and she wasnt even mad at me. damn dude.


thaos reminds me of religious ppl today.


is there a god?


yes of course.


shows him facts there is no god.


well god means different things to different peeps.


no dude, straight up, is there a god or not?


this is a bad time to ask.


oh whatever.


thaos was reasonable but the truth is more important. plus methods matter. ok you want to give people lies to make them feel better but dont ruin entire civilisations! he was like readric but more stupid. i sent his ass back to spirit prison to reflect on his actions and apologize to io.


white march 12 was cool and all but act four blew it away.

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