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Minor issues in

Sir Real


Nothing here that worries me much, but in the interest of reporting things...


Playing on a LG-D415 Android 5.0.2 phone.  My PFID is apparently 9F10552F50FABA72.  Game version is


In scenario 6.2, with Kyra alone in the Mountain Peak, I encountered the Corroded (Rusted?) Lock.  Revealed Mokmurian's Club, and it game me the dice for Melee +d10, but the skill remained listed as Dexterity, and the target at 15 (instead of the 30 it's supposed to be for Melee on that barrier.)  Discarding an extra card gave me an extra d10 without changing the skill.  Discarding my Dancing Sword switched it to Melee.


In scenario 6.2 with Merisiel alone in a location I forget (either Heptaric Locus or City Gate) I encountered Warden of Runes.  Failed the CON check and took 4 damage.  Tried to use the Sihedron Medallion to reduce the damage, but could only discard it for a single damage.


I've seen the issue where a die rolls off the screen and counts for 0, a couple of times only.  Seemed like it was always rolling off the bottom of the screen, but that could just be coincidence.



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