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A sincere thanks for a unique game in the playstore

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Hello Devs,


I had made this account to post for a bug and then realised that I was being just a tad bit selfish lol. To be rid of my guilt, I would like to thank the entire team at obsidian (paizo) that made this game happen. The game is awesome (even more fun than BG or IW in the mobile) and I really hope we get more.


I spent about 15$ on the game and would love to spend more to support it. Please do more content !!!


As a side note to those complaining about scenario difficulty on legendary with 6 man groups, I say the difficulty is fine (even taking into account the string of bad rng sometimes). Plan your group and min/max your characters and you should be clearing legendary with 65-75% success rate at the least. 


As a second side note, the only gripe I have with the game is that the quest mode is terribly slow in character progression. I keep finding myself making new parties in story so that I can get them maxed for legendary scenarios. It takes way too long in quest mode.


Thanks again Obsidian!!

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