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Swappping characters in and out of parties

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I know the game allows this but can someone explain (or point me to an explanation) about how to do this without confusing myself with 6 versions of a character?  I have 5 versions of Meri right now and I don't really know why. 


I am using the nickname feature in my primary party to sort this out a bit. 

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I use the nickname feature to help differentiate these characters. My "mains" for both Story and Quest are "SMerisiel" or "QMerisiel," quick catch-ups to change Power/Skill/Card choices are "TEMPMerisiel," mule characters to hold treasure I want to save for others would be "TRADEmTRADE" (to make sure I don't accidentally grab the wrong one when making a *real* party!)


*Edit* Bah, forgot to mention! Seeing as how you can rename, if you ever need to repace a character, just change the original's name to "JUNKMerisiel" or something, then change the "new" one to  "SMerisiel" or the like. Tada!

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I am at a loss as to how to swap characters in and out of quest mode. Adding one is obvious, but replacing is not. 


For example, I have Kyra, Meri and Seoni all levelled up to 15, but I am playing that group in Story so now I want to start a new quest team of Amiri and Forest Harsk and Ezren. 

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