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patch 1.1.6 bugs



Here are some bugs which appeared with patch 1.1.6


- Kyra Dawnflower's favorite : the blessings are automatically discarded (nor recharge or place on top)

- Daily quest : they progress and become complete (and are counted for the weekly quest happy holidays) but i cannot pick up the gold in the "Pickup rewards" tab (it remains empty)

- Quest mode : After completing a scenario, my characters gain a lot of card feat, they now have the maximum cards available for each slot (armor, weapon etc...) but the game ask me to choose a new card feat so the quest mode is entirely block at the moment.


As the quest mode is blocked and the daily quest does not give me any gold I have no way to earn gold (except the ridiculous amount of gold granted for each monster defeated or location closed). It's a real problem and I hope it will be fixed very soon.


I bought the bundle at the release, but actually with too many bugs, I don't really want to spend more money in the game. It's a shame because I really like you Obsidian, but perhaps this patch needed more tests before the release.


Please take the time you need to do the things RIGHT.

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The daily quests were changed to award you the gold immediately (the way it was originally), so you don't need to go to to Pickup rewards anymore.  I assume we might need to go there for the holiday "4 daily" completion award.


The quest mode bug with excessive card feats being awarded has been acknowledged by the devs on another thread in the support forum, so hopefully that will be fixed soon.

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