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Unable to update





When I launch the game, it asks me to do the update. The link redirects me to my Google play and here I can only uninstall the game or open the game, no possibility to update the game.


My phone is a Galaxy A5 Android, how can i make to be able to continue playing? 

When I launch the game, it asks me to do the update

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I have the same Problem with my 'new' Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J510FN, Android: 6.0.1).


Offline i can start and play the Game normaly.

Online the Game logs in to my Google Account without problems, but then it says that i have to update to a new Game Version, because my game version number is out of date.


The Problem is, that there is no Update in GooglePlay-Store.


The installed Version is: VER-704-20161116



Note: On my 'stoneage' Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 there was an Update to Version VER-741-20161215 and i have no troubles.

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The same happened to me on my Galaxy S5. Requires an update but Google store has no update available.


Last time this happened (around the time the third adventure was released) I uninstalled the game and lost my party progression for a few weeks. When I was about at the same point in story with a different party, the initial party decided to show up from oblivion. 

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