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Assorted Bugs



Scenario 5-2 "Rimeskull"

When played on Legendary, movement after closing a location works fine for one character, but impossible for any characters after the first. This makes the scenario impossible to complete.


Harsk power "Survivalist"

Does not work at all. Tapping the button provides the proper sound effect, but no card draw.


Seelah power "Inheritor's Favor"

Does not work. Blessing gets discarded instead of recharged.


Kyra power "Dawnflower's Favor"

Does not work. Blessing gets discarded instead of recharged.


Playing on iPhone 6S using current iOS (10.2)


The first two issues were happening before this week's app update, as well

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As of last night's update to version 741-20161215 opening up The Spires of Xin-Shalast these are the following bugs I started experiencing immediately after the update:


  • Lini no longer recharging animal companions when used to explore location deck
  • Kyra no longer recharging blessings of Sarenrae 
  • Seoni Magic in the Touch not automatically recharging items
  • Seoni missing power upgrades (the one I noticed for sure is Lady of Graves' Favor), based on the number of power upgrades she has versus the rest of my party, she's missing at least 3 power upgrades
  • Warriors of Wrath stuck in a continual loop of Test vs Acrobatics until the character facing the Warrior of Wrath finally fails and takes damage

Running on Android Galaxy Note 5 using current Android OS

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