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Lini ritual bonus not adding to Swipe



I only unlocked the ritual training power just after the last patch, so I can't say whether this is new or not but...


Noticed the ritual bonus (I only have it at the +2 level atm) does not add to swipe when I pick the add D8+Wisdom option.


Obvioulsy it should not (and does not) apply to the difficulty reduction to another type of check, but when she is playing swipe as a Wisdom attack spell, the wording suggests it should apply.



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On top of this bug, i would like to add that Ritual Training for some odd reason adds to a divine check to acquire an item. For example holy water can be acquired with divine. My lini has +4 into wisdom, so Divine:+1,+4 from skill, and then +2 oddly from ritual training gives it a +7. 



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