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Seoni's Arcane Blast did... Strange things



Okay, so in Sandpoint Under Siege, fighting a Spectre after repelling Longtooth. Blessing of Pharasma is the only card in my hand so I discard it to Arcane Blast, then roll the dice, perhaps too quickly for the game to register? Anyway, it ended up:

*She rolled 3d6, I don't recall if there were any plus bonuses or not.

*The Blessing was returned to her hand ???

*The result was high enough to clear the check, but the Spectre was undefeated (so it must not have added the Magic trait).


So uh yeah, that was weird.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Sandpoint Under Siege, Night Approaches and Fortified Position

Party of Seoni, Amiri and Harsk

Version 1.1.6 in a game continued from pre-update

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