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Hazard accuracy

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So i've been trying to figure out priest seals, and lots of googling/searching around links me to various forum posts where people mention that "hazards" use a special accuracy formula. This would make sense with some of the crazy priest seal accuracy numbers, and also why my traps have accuracies that don't seem connected to my characters (I recently set a trap in dyrford to fight Medreth and was stunned to see a 0 base accuracy).


Anyway, a lot of posts mention hazard accuracy or "hazard math" but I can't find anything concrete. Does anyone know?

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Here's my bug report: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90670-3045-please-please-fix-traps-have-been-getting-2x-their-penalties-for-god-knows-how-long/


It also goes into detail about equations and such.


I'm not too active on the forums (mostly to file bugs), so I don't know if this is old hat, but it certainly is news to me. I hope other people can comment on or give visibility to the bug, and maybe the equations I dug up are of use to somebody.

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