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I've been playing Tyranny and loving it for the last week or so.  A major draw for me was the atypical setting and premise.  When I read a piece on Polygon about it being set at the end of a Bronze Age/start of an Iron Age, I decided I was in.


I've heard that Tyranny is doing quite well, sales-wise, but not as well as PoE did.  I was a PoE backer, but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet.  Partly because I'm an old fogey now with all these responsibilities that make finding time for a long RPG pretty hard.  But another part of the reason is that I'm somewhat fatigued with the more typical fantasy RPG settings (elves, dwarves, castles and forests).  I did find time for Tyranny, and that's largely because of its setting.


So, here's my suggestion: run a Kickstarter to fund the creation of three (or more) mini-RPGs that use the PoE engine.  Each would be as large as, say, the Vendrien's Well starting area for Tyranny.  And each would be set in a non-standard world.  Whatever worlds seem most interesting to your creative teams.  Maybe it's set in the stone age, and you're a caveman fighting ancient aliens.  Or a steampunk game where you're hacking into Difference Engines with punch cards.  Anything that isn't traditional epic fantasy.  And if one (or more of them) strikes a chord with players, sequelize it with a fully fledged game later.


That's a Kickstarter I would love to back.  And even if it wasn't a Kickstarter, three-mini-RPGs package like that from Obsidian is absolutely something I'd buy the moment it became available.

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