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trying to play game on daughters Ipad



I bought this game (whole package/season pass) back in the summer on an Ipad 2.  It worked OK, occasionally crashing.  Didn't play for about 2 months, now watned to get back into it.


I can't even get my 2 save games to load without a CTD. 


So I thought I'd just play it on my daughters new Ipad Air 2 she got for school.  I downloaded the app, but cannot seem to be able to log in as myself. 


How can I log in as myself, so the game recognizes that I paid for the game and has my saves? 


Thanks for the help.


I'm hoping to get a new Ipad for Christmas or early birthday, but don't like waiting!

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Your Pathfinder account is based on the Game Center login.   As of iOS 10, all the Game Center stuff is in the Settings app.


Just scroll down about a third of the way (should be just above Twitter/Facebook) and login using the same Game Center account you used before.  After a force-restart of the Pathfinder app, you should be ok again.

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