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Wand of Enervation shenanigans



I played in The Halls Of Sedaction with Lini, Ezren, Merisiel and Seelah. lini encounterd an Alu-Demon Sister, so ezren used the Wand Of Enervation (which he got two somehow) and then he used swipe to further reduce the difficulty.

For some reason, the first DC reduction by the wand was cancelled, and an ally from Ezren's hand was transferred to Lini's hand.

I'm not sure how to react to this, it dosen't seem like a common bug.

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I can confirm that if you've already used any kind of cards/abilities to have bonuses/dice to a check and then use someone else's Wand of Enervation to the check, it returns all used cards back to their respective owners and starts the check again with lower difficulty, but also transfers a card from the Wand's user to the character whose turn it is (might be the one making the check regardless of whose turn it is). The type of the transferred card seems not to matter. It might be the position of the card the Wand user's hand.

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I don't think that the reset is a bug. I think that it's intentional because once you've rolled the die for the WoE you can't be allowed to cancel and re-roll, so that gets set as the new base check difficulty against which all further adjustments are made.


I have seen card transfers happen (and it's been reported several times other than the jolyonb's own post that they refer to in their reply). What isn't 100% certain is the trigger for the card transfer.





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