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Request to change AI (esp when Confused)

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While I love the game - there is a couple of regular occurrences that are extremely annoying - and as far as i can remember was not something that happened with Baldurs Gate era stuff.


1. It used to be if you gave a command like attack a certain enemy - it would override the AI until that enemy was dead or you changed commands. But in Pillars (and Tyranny) the AI if on will ignore your commands and just go do whatever it wants instead. Usually the AI will perform a single attack say - but then switch targets or use spells - often triggering wasteful engagement attacks. (In Tyranny it is worse, often the AI will not even perform a single attack it will just immediately cancel the action you gave and go so something else).


The only way around this seems to be to shut off the AI entirely. it would be really nice if you gave a command to attack a specific enemy that the AI would actually comply.


2.  When a party member gets Confused or Dominated - other party members IMMEDIATELY stop attacking enemies and try to kill off their own party member. Not being able to recognize the difference between a 'confused' friend and a deadly enemy is a huge pain when the AI seems to prioritize a controlled ally over enemies. And even when cancelling the attack and trying to tell someone to attack the enemy instead - as above - they will almost immediately swap back to trying to kill the party member over and above any actual deadly enemies around.


This is compounded by the system of 'no saves' for spells - even a graze will make a spell land, just for less time, but it means avoiding Confuse/Dominate is basically impossible without prayer spells.


Again there seems to be no way to address this other than to shut off the entire party AI until the Confuse effect wears off. This is an extremely annoying aspect to an otherwise awesome game that would be great if it could be tweaked.

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