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Doemenel/Reymont related quest A two story job

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So, I came back to the game recently after seeing that the two part of The white march were out, and I've just arrived at Defiance Bay (more or less).


Here my question (and I'll probable go for the safe bet to be sure in the meantime while waiting for an answer) :


Let's say you kill the robbers in the house, take the letter they carried to Lord Reymont, and then steal the jewel (just because, even though you already failed the quest if you wanted to cross him and hand the jewel to A. Doemenel anyway). Off course you have no business with the Doemenel anymore and I doubt they would want to, so you go see them and slaughter every living being in that house (why would you ask ? 'cause I can, that's why). Does this have an effect on the main story ? A side effect, like a bug, not intedent way of handling the situation ? I was thinking about the last quest when you need an invitation for the Duc conference. I know it has been fixed long ago and that you can alienate two faction at least so the Lady invite you herself though.


So just asking if there are any repercusions in doing that sort of things.

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I think I did this in my latest run of the game, and it did not have any effect on my choices.



The most you screw up is a couple of Doemenel-friendly quests/tasks and the ability to side with them for the animancy hearings. From what I understand, it used to be that if you screwed up with all three factions you pretty much were stuck, but nowadays Dunryd Row should allow you to represent them as a last resort, so there shouldn't be any consequence in the long run since you still have two options available plus a failsafe third.


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