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[3.04?] Bloody Slaughter *always* works



Maybe this is just an erroneous combat text issue, and I don't know if this has been in previous versions, but this is the first time _ever_ I've picked up Bloody Slaughter, and I'm noticing that even on "Barely Injured" I get hits apparently upgraded to crits, attributed to Bloody Slaughter as the cause.


The best I can do is this dropbox link with save and output_log: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cgna9bhuu564oep/AAAY6zNVUOlsIjuQhuIsQm6ka?dl=0


Just go up to Sabel's room (top right) and there are two Steelspike MAgus's. Lure one out. Fight it. Keep trying and eventually you'll get a Bloody Slaughter upgrade on a hit, even though the foe is at Barely Injured.


Of course, if "low endurance" in the Bloody Slaughter description means "anything less than full health" then I guess this is working as intended and perhaps the text should be clarified.


EDIT: subject says "3.04?" because my game says it's 3.05.whatever even though I haven't heard anything about a 3.05 patch (I'm on the beta steam channel).

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