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Duplicated Unique item














Date 7 Majauton 2823 Hour 1 nothing new to report


Turn 80: Liminal Spaces added. The quest expires in 1 day


(Grieving Mother was sent on this quest)


Date 15 Majauton 2823: Hour 3 Azzuro has arrived offering to sell Husk of the Great Western Stag for 3200 cp

(This was purchased remotely)


Turn 84: Nothing new to report

(About then, I returned to Stronghold did a bit of selling and empted Treasury Box including the Husk of GW Stag)

Turn 85: Taxes Collected

Turn 85: Liminal Spaces completed. G Mother returns with Etherial Helm, money, items etc



When I next returned - The major item in the Treasury Box was another copy of The Husk - so I now have 2 identical unique items plus the Etherial Helm

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